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Saving Form Fields

  1. I have an inquiry form that exists on multiple pages. I was considering allowing users to add to there inquiry as they moved through the different pages, prior to sending it.

    I understand that there is no method for saving across sessions. Is there a method for saving during a live session?

    I suppose the only way to do this effectively would be to use javascript and cookies to maintain the information in the field as you move from page to page. As you would require ajax to save form elements as the user typed them in.

    Just thought I'd pose the question and see if anyone else has implemented something to handle it. My next step will be to look for a jquery library or code that can do this, hopefully with a single line of code pointing to the form element that you want to persist.

    Posted 10 years ago on Wednesday March 16, 2011 | Permalink
  2. There is no save functionality for users filling out a form. Multi-page forms are brand new in 1.5 and we do plan on enhancing the functionality in subsequent releases. Save functionality so users can save their progress and return to complete the form is a feature we would like to add in a future update. I'm not aware of anyone implementing this as a customization although virtually anything is possible via hooks and filters.

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  3. There appears to be 3 items in hooks and filters. Are there hooks that will allow you to add php functionality as an addon that runs pre render and post render. So that you can queue additional scripts to load and then hook up to elements of the form.

    I understand that I could hack that in but it would be nice to have a plugin that provided the functionality.

    I'm not sure how you do that with the existing hooks which are all oriented towards the submission of the form, not form rendering.

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  4. Yes, the hook/filter documentation on the current site is not up to date. We have all new, much more in depth documentation that will be launching next week with the launch of our new site and the final release of v1.5 and the new add-ons. It will document ALL of the available hooks.

    There are many more hooks, a large number. There is a pre-render hook and multiple hooks that fire on submission (before and after validation as well as after the entry itself is saved.

    How soon do you need this information? Can you wait for the all new documentation that will be launching next week or do you need something sooner?

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  5. Thanks Carl, next week should be fine. I just want to implement this new functionality before the end of the month. I look forward to the new version. With additional hooks I'm assuming I can create a simple save and load functionality in under a day. Either utilizing jquery or on the server.

    Probably not as dynamic and integrated as I would like but usable. :)

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