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Secure Forms and Credit Cards - An idea and questions

  1. All, although I found a couple of threads discussing security and credit cards, I can't quite find what I'm looking for or suggesting.

    The security part for the site itself is pretty straight forward. The security part for the administration section is not too bad to figure out. That said, I'm thinking that database encryption would be something to consider as well if you are keeping the full card information in the database.

    I'm not a fan at all of sending credit card information via e-mail, since it is not secure.

    I think I have a suggestion that would work in my case. I'm not looking to run the card information immediately when submitted, rather they will be charged manually by my client.

    Secure the site as normal. Have a field for Gravity Forms that BREAKS APART the credit card into two strings. As an example, when the form is submitted, have the first eight characters and the expiration date sent via e-mail in the regular form and have the other eight digits and the CCV left in the database.

    When you look at the e-mail, you don't have all of the information. When you look at the database, you don't have all the information. Put them together and you can charge the credit card.

    What do you think? Would this be possible? It would solve a big issue that I have right now.

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  2. Bump.

    I'm wondering if anyone would be able to offer custom development for a plugin/add on to Gravity Forms to meet these business requirements.

    1. Encrypt the database that holds the form data. (If we need to encrypt the entire WP database, that would be acceptable, but not desired.)
    2. Ability to collect credit card info through form - secured of course - and upon submit, have a portion of the credit card and CVV code sent via email, and the remainder of the card number sent to the encrypted database.

    This process would allow the site's owner to - as an example - find the last eight digits of a credit card number in an email, and the first eight numbers and the CVV code in the form data as accessed through the WP administration console (secured).

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  3. Here are some developers that you could try contacting for custom work:

    Ounce of Talent


    Scott Kingsley Clark

    There is a larger list of developers with Gravity Forms experience which you can find here:

    We do plan on adding a Credit Card field once we introduce Add-Ons for Authorize.Net and PayPal Pro. But that won't be until later this year. We haven't begun development on these Add-Ons. We are currently working on other development (v1.6 and other Add-Ons).

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  4. Thank you.

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