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Send values from Email to Form

  1. I would like to send an email that has a link with a value to send to the form.

    This will give me a reference who typed the form.

    Posted 10 years ago on Thursday July 28, 2011 | Permalink
  2. Please check out this simple form using any or all of the following links:

    (The space needs to be URL encoded as %20 in the first one)

    After you submit, you will receive a confirmation with a field in it called "Tracking Code". The "tid" parameter in the URL (the link you will send to your customers) is what populates the Tracking Code field.

    Insert a hidden field into your form. Give it whatever name you want (I used "Tracking Code" but you could use "Source" or "Referrer" or whatever.) Then on the Advanced tab, click the box "Allow field to be populated dynamically". Once that is clicked, in the field below enter the Parameter Name. I used tid, which is what you see in my URLs above. You can use whatever you want, just make sure it's the same in the URL and this "Parameter Name".

    That's it. Here's a screenshot of my simple form showing the hidden field with the parameter name.

    Submit the form a few times. Change the value after the ?tid= in the URL and see how it changes in your notification. Remove the tid parameter from the URL altogether and you will see that the Tracking Code field is missing from the notification (and the form entry.) That would happen if someone just clicked on the tab on the website and submitted the form. You could put a default value in there if you wanted. Maybe "website" or something. Then you would know that submission came from the website and not a link you sent out.

    Don't worry: you won't be receiving any newsletters from me :-)

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  3. Hey! Chris Thanks for your reply. I'll try it as you explained.

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