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setting up forms to send to different email accounts

  1. I am trying to set up different forms to be sent to different people as I use different forms for different purposes such as customer service, sales, marketing. I don't manage my own mail server, so setting up distribution rules or filters based on something like subject line copy won't work. I host email at GoDaddy..(I know those email services are horrible...I read one of your posts on that)

    So here is what I am trying to do:
    Let's say my wordpress site default email is

    I want to create a form..we'll call it form A. I want to have that form sent to

    I want to create a different form, we'll call it Form B and I want that form emailed to

    And so on. Is that possible or will all form emails have to be send to the default email

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  2. Richard Vav

    Notifications are configured for each form separately so you can set the notifications to be sent to whatever email addresses you want, just replace the send to email which for the admin notification defaults to {admin_email} with whatever you require,

    With Gravity Forms 1.7 you can also create as many notifications for each form as you want, you are no longer limited to one notification for the admin and one for the customer.


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  3. Richard,

    I want to make sure I understand reference to "Notifications" you are saying that when the form is submitted by the persona completing the form on the website, all the form data completed by the site visitor will be sent to the person who is listed in the notification. Is that correct??

    Do you have any YouTube video tutorials that can walk me through the setup procedures??

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  4. David Peralty

    We don't currently have any tutorials. The new notifications system came into being less than three months ago with 1.7. Notifications are e-mails that are sent to whomever you want relating to the form submission. You can create a notification for forms under Form Settings -> Notifications. Notifications are form specific. By default, you'll have a notification that is sent to the site admin.

    All my best!

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