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show forms only one time on a page?

  1. Greetings,

    I am trying to incorporate a DVD shipping function from Gravity forms somehow.

    two options:
    a) member joins the membership site (Digital Access Pas membership), then on initial members page shows a form continually until its filled out; then it goes away after being submitted
    ie: "Put in your shipping information here to get your dvds shipped to you."
    after confrimation:
    "thanks. Your dvds will arrive in 5-7 days".
    shipping information sent to notification email address.

    Second option:
    b) directly integrate a Gravity form (again showing only one time until submission completion) and tied to sending an XML or HTML send request to for automated dvd shipping to customer.

    Heres the doc that describes how I would have to tie gravity forms to order process:

    Description: For each prospective order you should first get the shipping options for the order and either select an option on behalf of the customer or let the customer select from the list of options returned by the service. Shipping options vary by country, region and size of the order. For example, orders outside the United States are delivered by Air Mail while orders within the United States are delivered by First Class Mail, UPS Ground, or Fedex depending on the size and nature of the order. Our XML service will automatically compute the shipping costs for each option depending on the destination and size/weight of the order.

    Example: You send an XML request for shipping options:

    < ShippingOptions >

    < Country > United States < /Country >
    < State_Province > NY < /State_Province >
    < PostalCode > 10004 < /PostalCode >

    < Product >
    < ProductId > XZZ1111111 < /ProductId >
    < Quantity > 2 < /Quantity >
    < /Product >

    < Product >
    < ProductId > PXZZ111112 < /ProductId >
    < Quantity > 3 < /Quantity >
    < /Product >

    < /ShippingOptions>


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