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Side by Side Columns

  1. I am following these directions:

    I added the CSS class names in the Advanced field and Updated the form.

    Nothing changed and when I go back and look at the form the CSS class name field is empty.

    Firebug does now show that the class is in my HTML either:

    <div class="gform_body">
    <ul id="gform_fields_1" class="gform_fields top_label description_below"><li id="field_1_1" class="gfield"><label class="gfield_label" for="input_1_1_3">Name</label><div class="ginput_complex ginput_container" id="input_1_1"><span id="input_1_1_3_container" class="ginput_left"><input name="input_1.3" id="input_1_1_3" value="" tabindex="1" type="text"><label for="input_1_1_3">First</label></span><span id="input_1_1_6_container" class="ginput_right"><input name="input_1.6" id="input_1_1_6" value="" tabindex="2" type="text"><label for="input_1_1_6">Last</label></span></div><li id="field_1_4" class="gfield"><label class="gfield_label" for="input_1_4">Organization</label><div class="ginput_container"><input name="input_4" id="input_1_4" value="" class="large" tabindex="3" type="text"></div><li id="field_1_2" class="gfield"><label class="gfield_label" for="input_1_2">Email</label><div class="ginput_container"><input name="input_2" id="input_1_2" value="" class="medium" tabindex="4" type="text"></div><li id="field_1_3" class="gfield"><label class="gfield_label" for="input_1_3">Website</label><div class="ginput_container"><input name="input_3" id="input_1_3" value="http://" class="medium" tabindex="5" type="text"></div>

    What am I missing?

    Posted 8 years ago on Tuesday October 9, 2012 | Permalink
  2. Try typing the class name into the field rather than pasting it and re-save the form. Some people have reported issues with this in certain browsers. It's not a Gravity Forms issue, but apparently some oddity with the browser.

    If that doesn't work, let us know and we'll go from there.

    Posted 8 years ago on Tuesday October 9, 2012 | Permalink