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'Submit' Alignment

  1. anthonys

    On this page here:

    If you go to the contact form at the bottom, you'll see the 'submit' button is out of alignment with the rest of the form.

    Any ideas as to how I can fix that? I cant find what is causing it to move that way.

    Posted 14 years ago on Tuesday March 30, 2010 | Permalink
  2. You're not loading the default form styles in your template. Are you using the function call directly in a template file rather than the short code? If so, you'll need to manually include the path to the forms.css file.

    When I included the CSS path in my test, the alignment was correct.. screenshot

    Check out the section at the bottom of this page for instructions on enqueueing the proper CSS and scripts when using the function call to embed a form.

    Once you get that set up, you can do any final customizations/tweaks etc. by adding style declarations to your theme's style.css file.

    Posted 14 years ago on Tuesday March 30, 2010 | Permalink