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Submitting forms to emails

  1. Hi.
    Im trying to figure out how to set an email address that a form submission is sent to i.e. if a customer sends a message using the form I want it to send to

    How do I set the email address that submitted form content will be sent to? I don't want a notification that requires my client to have to go to the WordPress backend to see the submission, I want the form itself to be sent to their specified email addresses.

    I realise this question has been asked before, but the answer didnt work, or i didnt understand it clearly.

    I currently have a notification set up in the admin section to email my hotmail account, and also a notification set up in the users section (only one user, the client on the email above) when their is a form submission. However when testing the form no notifications are received! Why? The submission shows up in the gravity forms 'entries' section, but this is no good as I mentioned I dont want to have to tell the client to log in all the time.

    If it helps I can set up a WP log in up for someone to quickly help me?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. I have exactly the same issue too!


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  3. This happened here. I asked our systems guy and he said that "the wordpress server was not configured to send mail." He changed something (sorry that I don't know what) and now it works. I hope this points you in the right direction.

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  4. If the email notifications are not being sent it is going to be as @dasusman mentioned, a web server configuration issue. Gravity Forms doesn't send the email notifications, your web server does. So any issues with emails not being sent are going to be due to the web server not sending them or not being configured properly.

    The first thing to check is if emails are only not being sent to certain email addresses. You do this by configuring your notification to go to or email address and then test. Be sure to check the spam box to make sure the emails aren't being flagged as spam. If emails are arriving at or email addresses but NOT at email addresses using the same domain name as your web site, then that is a web server issue related to email routing.

    If emails aren't being sent at all, regardless of the email address, you may need to configure your site to send email via SMTP using the WP Mail SMTP plugin which can be found here:

    You need to check with your web host to get the proper SMTP settings to configure that plugin and then you can test using the test form in that plugin. Then you need to configure your notifications to use the same Send From address that is configured for those SMTP settings.

    Some web hosts such as GoDaddy are just simply terrible at sending email.

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  5. jpdesigning

    I'm having the same issue. I was using Contact Form 7 prior to installing an SSL certificate and couldn't get the emails to send. Then I purchased Gravity Form hoping it would solve the error and it still isn't working. I have installed the SMTP mail plugin and even sent test emails that came back positive. However, the form emails are still not sending. HELP

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  6. Please follow the instructions here to check for theme/plugin conflicts:

    I have seen situations where there have been other things which interfere with the notifications sending.

    What Carl said in the post above yours still remains true to today - we just hook into built-in mail functions of WordPress.

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