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testing forms

  1. Being new, I'm not exactly sure about my settings and how to test my forms. So I have two forms that are exactly the same but one is setup to pay using Pay Pal and the other by check. Both are set to await post "pending review" . When I complete the PayPal form I go to PayPal but I'm not actually paying. So I don't see the success message on the site and I also don't see the pending completed submission. When I complete the pay-by-check form I do get the pending post but I do not see the thanks for submitting message. They both have a confirmation message setup to appear on the page.

    So do I need to pay PayPal to test it? Do I need to change the settings somehow? What is the proper way to be sure these forms are posting correctly? Thanks.

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  2. If you are using PayPal Add-On in tandem with post creation you have to go through the entire PayPal process and complete the PayPal transaction before it brings you back to the site and shows the confirmation message.

    I suggest developing with PayPal in test/sandbox mode. You will need to sign up for a test/sandbox account at It does take some learning to figure out how to use the PayPal sandbox. But the alternative is testing with real PayPal transactions and that requires charging yourself money because you would have to submit real transactions.

    Depending on how your form is setup and your PayPal Add-On settings the post won't get created until after payment is received. PayPal communicates back to your site and Gravity Forms then creates the post.

    The Pay by check form, you should see the thank you message... i'm assuming this isn't using PayPal Add-On so it should function just like a standard form. When you submit your pay by check form you aren't seeing the thank you/confirmation message when the form is submitted?

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  3. Thanks Carl. You confirmed my suspicions about PayPal. I'll look at the sandbox or I may just try testing paying 1 cent if it'll let me.

    Right, if you try the 3rd tab over "join by mail" and can submit the form and see for yourself.


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  4. Hey Sheila, the issue is the forms are in tabs. When the page reloads the tab state reverts back to the first tab. So you don't see the thank you message because it's on the 3rd tab. So if you submit that form, and then go to the 3rd tab you will see the thank you message.

    What you may want to do is where you are calling the form, tell it to use AJAX. This will submit the form without reloading the page and should show the Thank You message while still retaining the 3rd tab.

    In the upcoming beta 2 release of the PayPal Add-On you will be able to set a condition on the PayPal integration that must be met before they are sent to PayPal, otherwise it shows the standard form thank you/confirmation message. What this means is when that is ready you can combine your PayPal and Pay By Mail forms into one form and have a drop down where they select if they want to pay Online or via Mail... if they selected pay online then it would send them to PayPal. This feature will be in the beta 2 of the PayPal Add-On.

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