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Tie Pricing into Woocommerce

  1. Hi there,

    I am a little confused about how Gravity Forms pricing works (I have read through documentation but am still a little confused -- sorry).

    I need to know how to make product options that change the price of the product using gravity forms (for example if a customer choose platinum, the price needs to go up). I assume I cannot choose from the "pricing fields" and have to stick to "standard fields" because when I try to choose a "pricing fields" option it says I must create a product field first. Since each one of these product options is going to be in under individual woo commerce products, I don't think I can create a gravity-forms product, inside a product.

    Also, can I tie these "pricing increases" from gravity forms to my woo commerce price? For example, when a customer choose platinum, is there a way to increase the woo commerce price (I want to hide the gravity forms subtotal, and total)?

    Here is a link to one of my products:

    Thank you!!

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  2. Hi any answer to this? Thank you

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  3. All I can tell you/guide you on what to do when it comes to Products is how to use Products on a Gravity Form. We didn't create the woocommerce add-on, which means we don't provide official support for it. So you may want to reach out to that camp to see if they have suggestions for you and the best ways to use the Gravity Forms Woocommerce Add-on. Perhaps another member here on the forum will chime in as well.

    To use products on a Gravity Form, you have to use Product Fields and Options/Quantity are tied to individual Product Fields.

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