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Twilio SMS integration

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to do is have an input box on a Wordpress page that a user can simply input their number in and receive SMS text messages/subscriptions from me on my website.

    I've got the developers version of this plugin, but have not found any clear direction on how to use it to my liking. I really need some help.



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  2. Why doesn't anyone reply back to my post?

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  3. You need to be patient. We have a support forum response time policy that is clearly detailed and linked to from the sidebar. We try our best to respond to all Support Forum posts within 48 hours, which is in line with the response time to this post. You can find the support policy here:

    What you want to do is NOT what the Twilio Add-On does. The Twilio Add-On is not an SMS subscription plugin. It doesn't send SMS notifications to your users. It is an SMS Notification Add-On. It's designed to send an SMS notification to you (or whichever cell phone number you configure) when a form is submitted.

    A description of the Twilio Add-On can be found here:

    This is exactly what it says:

    "With the Twilio Add-On you can make SMS notifications a part of your form notification process by integrating with the Twilio SMS service. Get notified via a customizable SMS text message as soon as a form is submitted, or a payment is received via an order form."

    Nowhere on the site do we market or claim that the Twilio Add-On is anyway some sort of SMS subscription solution that allows you to have users sign up for SMS message subscriptions and then enable you to send bulk SMS messages to your users. This simply isn't what the Add-On does and we don't promote it as such.

    It is strictly a notification add-on designed to work in tandem with the existing email notifications so that you can receive an SMS message whenever a user submits your form. It's designed for situations where response time to a lead is critical, such as for real estate agents or car salesman responding to buyer inquiries.

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  4. I know there are lots of us wanting to use this to send message confirmations to clients when they complete our forms. And I think it would be invaluable to be able to send an SMS confirmation when someone places and order etc.... so any chance on this feature being added and if so when?

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  5. Justin, I am closing this post as a duplicate of your other one:

    Thank you.

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