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Use GF for Self-Assessment type quiz?

  1. I'd like to create a quiz where each 'answer' is worth a certain amount of points. So, basically something like:

    Answer 'A' = 3 points
    Answer 'B' = 2 points


    Then, on submission, the forms notification screen shows that they got 'x' points (add up each question's value) and show something like, "if you got 0-5 points, you're this, 6-9 you're that, etc.."

    Is there any way to make GF do this? :)



    Posted 11 years ago on Friday March 4, 2011 | Permalink
  2. Not without custom code. Scoring/Grading isn't currently a built in feature. You would have to write custom code to handle this and then store the score/etc. in a hidden field after doing the calculation.

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  3. One other question; is there any way to use to pass, using the querystring, the 'value' (as opposed to the choice) in a multiple-choice field? i.e. {Q1:1} returns the choice, not the value. I'd like it to return the value, if possible?


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  4. Yes, you append :value to the end of the form field variable.

    So instead of:


    You would use:


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  5. I ended up doing this in functions.php

    add_action("gform_pre_submission", "pre_submission_handler");
    function pre_submission_handler($form_meta){
    	if($form_meta["id"] == '1'){
    		$total_value = 0;
    		foreach($form_meta["fields"] as $field){
    			$value = $_POST["input_" . $field["id"]];
    			$total_value = $total_value + $value;
    		$_POST["input_8"] = $total_value;
    	return $form;

    I'm sure there's a more elegant way, but, this worked.

    input_8 is a hidden field to store the cumulative value.

    I turned on 'values' and each multiple choice answer got assigned the point value I wanted.

    I'm posting this here in the hopes that it can 1) help someone else, and 2) others can help me improve on this :)

    What I'm still not sure on is how I can retrieve the hidden field value easily? Or, if there's any easy way to use a querystring to selectively hide/show the "results" on the confirmation page.

    I guess what would be nice would be to have some sort of scripting ability on the notification page so that I can do something like [if input_8 >= 2 || input_8 <= 4 then....]

    Anyways, just a thought.


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