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User Access to Export function

  1. Hi!
    As the webdesigner and admin of the wordpress site for my customer, I have full access to all functions in wp-admin.
    A worker of my customer now needs access to the "export"-menu of gravityforms to export the collected data from time to time... is there any possibility to offer them this menu without making them "admin" of the whole wordpress?

    Thanks for a fast reply!



    Posted 14 years ago on Friday June 25, 2010 | Permalink
  2. Yes, if you install the Members plugin you can implement complete role management capabilities to WordPress. Gravity Forms integrates with the Members plugin so you have granular control over what users can and can't do as far as what sections they can access. Export is one of those areas you can control.

    You can download that plugin here:

    Once activated you will have to edit it's settings and turn on role management. It will then add an area under Users or Tools I believe (can't remember which) where you can go to manage roles. Edit the role you want to edit (or create a new role just for that user) and then you can edit the capabilities that role has.

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  3. Hi Carl! Forget my last mail! I did not get a notice, that there is a answer to my question! Thank you! :)
    Would be a great idea to add notifications to this forum. :)

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