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User registration add on dropdown menu

  1. I'm working on this site I already asked if I can create a custom field where union members would have to enter the last 4 digits of their social or shield number for verification purposes in order to register. And was told that I would have to do some custom PHP coding. Would there be some kind of instruction on how to do this custom PHP coding?

    Also, Would I be able to create a dropdown menu for members to select what court/county they work for?

    Lastly, would I be able to certain block pages and posts for members only?

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  3. 1. You can use one form as sort of a gateway to your second form. The first form will request the 4 digit code and you will compare that to all valid codes (in a file or a database table.) I have an example of that code here:

    This is the forum topic where it was discussed:

    2. You can create as many drop downs as you like in the form builder.

    3. Controlling access to your pages is not something Gravity Forms can do, but there are many WordPress plugins that will. Here is just one example

    Or you can search for others:

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