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User registration not working after PayPal Sandbox payment...

  1. I setup a registration form (for a conference; and am testing with the PayPal Sandbox. Once users fill out the form, their email is added to MailChimp (working), they are taken to PayPal (working), payment is made (working; verified on PayPal's Sandbox website), and are returned to the registration page (working) to view the confirmation message (working), but their account is never created (broken; based on payment), and email notifications to admin + user are never sent (broken; email is verified working in WP and on other GF forms).

    The entry is created in Gravity, but the payment is never marked as complete.

    I do have the latest of the plugins installed:

    • Gravity Forms: v1.5.RC4.2
    • Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On: v1.3.2
    • Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On: v1.0.beta6
    • Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On: v1.0.beta5
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  2. Hi Eric,

    It sounds like you've having an issue processing the IPN response from PayPal. The User Registration Add-on relies on this to know when the payment has been made and the user can be created. Some common reasons the IPN response is not being processed by your site are:

    1. The IPN settings have not been activated on your PayPal account
    2. Your site is in maintenance mode
    3. Your server is not configured to support CA Certificates. You can check with your host on this.
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  3. Thanks, David. I know #2 isn't the problem, I'm trying to verify # 3, but I'm not sure that's it either. That leaves me with #1. I'm pretty sure this is the issue, and I created a buyer & seller sandbox account (through my main PayPal account). I then made sure the seller account has an IPN setup, a step I left off yesterday.

    Right now, I think there's still something I'm missing (with the PayPal Sandbox), rather than an issue with the system.

    I did record a short video of the payment process, in case your interested in visually seeing what I originally described:



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  4. @Eric in the Sandbox you should be able to login with the buyer account and go to the IPN history and view the IPN history and see if any requests were sent and if there was an error. It's possible IPN isn't turned on in that buyer account in which case IPN wouldn't be sent.

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  5. SOLVED!

    The issue was with me setting up my PayPal Sandbox account. I logged into PayPal Sandbox with my regular email address. I did set up a PP Sandbox BUYER test account yesterday. The part I missed was that I needed to setup a SELLER test account, as well, and then enable the IPN on that SELLER test account. In addition, that seller test account email is what I needed to enter in Gravity Forms' PayPal Form... just above where you select 'Production' vs. 'Test'. I thought I needed to enter in my own PayPal account there, but rather I actually needed to enter the SELLER test account (then one where I setup the IPN).

    Long story short, everything works great. Here's a follow-up video of the successful purchase:

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  6. Great Eric, good to hear!

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