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What is the reason updates don't recognize duplicate fields?

  1. Re: (Carl:> "In the mean time do not duplicate fields, and you'll need to re-add fields you duplicated. Fields impacted by this won't be fixed by an updated release." Why is this true?

    I ask because I can use Adobe Dreamweaver and edit each field there. I've been working on a lease application form. I'm at field 142 right now. When done, I'll have built nearly 180 fields. Ninety percent of my fields contain conditional logic, some with as many as twenty to thirty CLA's (Conditional Logic Arguments).

    I would like to understand why the current updates (RC1, RC2, RC3, future RC4) would NOT have any affect on a duplicated field in a xml file? What is it I am missing here? I've looked at the xml file and the duplicated fields don't have anything displayed, which would identify the fields in question were even duplicated.. Can you give me an explanation please?

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  2. Duplicates made by editing an XML export and then importing that form are not the same as Duplicates created using the form editor.

    In the XML it technically isn't a duplicate, because to Gravity Forms there is no distinguishing if you have duplicated fields when importing and processing the XML because the XML is just XML.

    Ultimately the XML export/import and form editor are two different things and processed and function completely different from each other.

    When you duplicate a field in the form editor it is all done via Javascript and AJAX and is much more complicated then it may appear. So it's an entirely different process.

    RC2 fixed the duplication issue and then RC3 broke it again due to other changes made to the Javascript used in this functionality. We are looking into why this is the case so we can correct it.

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  3. Sure Carl, thanks for the explanation while I await RC4:) I get it. But if the fields I duplicated are actually showing up in the exported xml file, shouldn't my form work still? I'm thinking you are telling me there is a issue duplicating the fields with the GF form editor. Sure I accept that. But if an xml file is just that, wouldn't my form work the same as if I had written the code in Adobe Dreamweaver? And then imported the form back into my WP Backend via the GF Import form Feature?

    From what I understand, you can export any GF Form and import it onto any WP Platform with GF Plug-in installed and activated. Is this not true? How is GF going to know whether the field in any imported xml file has been duplicated or even written from scratch using an xml editor?

    What I can add here is I have used the duplicate field feature of the GF form editor. And guess what? When I export the form, the duplicated fields are all there. And they look just like any other fields created from scratch. Does this mean RC3 IS working for me?

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  4. I haven't tested it but I believe the issue is purely with forms created with the form editor. If you export that form and then import it, I believe it does correct the issue because of how the import works the problem doesn't get imported.

    The problem with the duplication was an issue with the form submission. The fields themselves looked correct in the editor, but when you submit the form data wasn't being saved in the duplicated fields OR it was simply saying "Array" as the value.

    I haven't verified that as we are wrapping up the new release, but you can easily do so by exporting a form with the problem and then importing it while using RC3.

    Yes, you can export a form from one site and import it into another. Both sites will need to be running the same version of Gravity Forms.

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  5. Awesome Carl! Thx. I'll wait for the update RC4 and then continue duplicating the next 36 field section, lol!

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  6. Gravity Forms v1.6 Release Candidate 4 is now available for download.

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