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What would cause...

  1. seosam

    ...a form to not display?

    Set a form up similar to a few others on a site and when I 'view source', it shows style=display:none; in the source code for the parent form div. When I Firebug it, it doesn't show it's coming from any specific file, all it shows is the following. {

    Any thoughts?

    Posted 11 years ago on Wednesday July 7, 2010 | Permalink
  2. Yep, a few thoughts on it. You've enabled conditional logic for this form so the "display:none" style is normal. I'm assuming you're using the shortcode method to embed the form via the post editor. If you're using the function call method instead, you may need to manually enqueue the necessary scripts by placing some code in your functions.php file.

    So, if it's shortcode method, look at the markup near the end of the page for an inline script for the form conditions. Check to make sure that the script tag isn't surrounded by a < p> tag. If it is, that's your problem.

    If so, it's most likely due to a shortcode added to your theme to allow for "raw" markup in the post editor. It's a popular thing for theme developers to add these days, but the problem is that while it removes auto-formatting in the post, it in turn tries to apply formatting to other shortcode content.

    If that's the culprit, you can either search the functions.php file for "wpautop" and comment out/remove that portion, or oddly enough, you can wrap the GF shortcode in the [raw][/raw] (or whatever it may be called) shortcode and it should work.

    There's more info on the thread below.

    Hope that helps out. If you're still having issues, please post a URL to your form page and I'll be happy to take a look at it.

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  3. seosam

    You're spot on with the conditional logic assumption and I was using the shortcode to call the form.

    Being a good little Gravity former I scanned the forums before posting so I had already tried the 'raw' and 'noformat' markups, both to no avail.

    I don't see any <p></p> tags at the end of the page so that takes me back to square one.

    I think the issue is the "theme" that I'm using is actually a plug-in for a sales page so there's gotta be something screwy with it but I just can't quite put my finger on what's going on.

    I have two other forms on the same site that work with no trouble but neither of those are using conditional logic... I guess it's the penalty of trying to be fancy. I'll submit a link and log-in info to the contact page for further review.

    Thanks for the help Kevin!

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  4. Ha! "A good little Gravity Former.." funny.

    Thanks for the update. We'll take a look at everything as soon as we can.

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  5. Just took a look. There are three issues, two of which stem from the "theme" you are using is not actually a theme but a plugin that tries to act like a theme. This poses a few issues as it doesn't operate like a standard theme... and it doesn't mimic a theme correctly.

    The first issue was a simple issue to resolve, you were using the PHP function call and not the shortcode when calling the form in your post. PHP Functions can only be used in actual template files, not in content. I changed this so it now uses the shortcode.

    The second issue involving your theme/plugin is the fact that it isn't calling the wp_head() function call. This means Gravity Forms is unable to output the necessary javascript on the page as it uses this function call to do so. The wp_head() function call is a standard function call ALL themes should have in the header.php file.

    The third issue is the Squeeze Page code loads jQuery at the bottom of the page instead of the top. So if you were able to resolve #2 above, it still wouldn't work because the Gravity Forms javascript has to be called AFTER jQuery is loaded.

    The problem is you aren't running a theme, the Squeeze Page plugging is overriding the theme and handling the output.

    So here is what I did. I modified the Squeeze Page plugin files so that 1) the jQuery is loaded at the top and 2) the Gravity Forms conditional logic javascript is always present.

    The form is now working.

    But I wouldn't be surprised if you run into other issues with both Gravity Forms and other plugins that you try and run with the Squeeze Page plugin. It is pretty unorthodox with how it does things.

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  6. seosam

    Carl, thanks!

    I actually was using shortcode and in a last ditch effort I added the php instead. I didn't think it would work by putting it in the visual editor but it was late and I figured "what the heck!"

    I knew it had to be the theme. Since purchasing it, that theme has been the bain of my existence because it's a "plug-in" and not a "theme." Of course, when I purchased it, that wasn't outlined.

    Fortunately, on said site, there aren't many (if any) more plug-ins to add.

    Thanks for the support! You guys are the best at taking care of your clients!

    Posted 11 years ago on Wednesday July 7, 2010 | Permalink
  7. Alex

    Hey guys,

    How would this apply when using Yoast's Gravityforms plugin? The plusin is here:

    Posted 11 years ago on Friday July 16, 2010 | Permalink
  8. When using Yoast's sidebar widget, you need to manually enqueue the scripts and CSS by placing a short script block in your theme's functions.php file.

    wp_enqueue_script("gforms_ui_datepicker", WP_PLUGIN_URL . "/gravityforms/js/jquery-ui/ui.datepicker.js", array("jquery"), "1.3.9", true);
    wp_enqueue_script("gforms_datepicker", WP_PLUGIN_URL . "/gravityforms/js/datepicker.js", array("gforms_ui_datepicker"), "1.3.9", true);
    wp_enqueue_script("gforms_conditional_logic_lib", WP_PLUGIN_URL . "/gravityforms/js/conditional_logic.js", array("gforms_ui_datepicker"), "1.3.9", true);
    wp_enqueue_style("gforms_css", WP_PLUGIN_URL . "/gravityforms/css/forms.css");

    Without this, the conditional logic scripts, datepicker script, form CSS and other elements needed for the full form functionality aren't loaded.

    Posted 11 years ago on Friday July 16, 2010 | Permalink

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