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Where do you add Hooks and Filters?

  1. I realize that this is a very basic question, but I feel like the Developer Documentation is missing the obvious - where do I place hook and/or Filter code? I can see a definition of the syntax but no direction as to what file it need to go into, if it is in the functions.php whether the <?php and ?> tags should be removed, etc. I've searched and searched through the forums to see some references, but there isn't clear direction.

    So where do I put Hooks and where do I put Filters?

    Posted 9 years ago on Tuesday October 9, 2012 | Permalink
  2. Since the hooks and filters are typically PHP code, they need to be included in a PHP block in your functions.php. If you are already inside a PHP block (which was opened with a <?php) then you can remove the beginning <?php and closing ?> from the example code you are pasting from our documentation. If you paste your code after a closed ?> you will need to start your filter or hook code and function with at <?php.

    If you let us know what you're trying to do, and paste your complete functions.php at or we can help you with the placement.

    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday October 10, 2012 | Permalink