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Wheres the Styles?

  1. I just bought GF after being a long time CForms user. I was hoping for more form functionality and ease of use.

    On installing it everything seems pretty slick, except I don't see any way to select or change form styles.

    I know I can manually code CSS style, but did I really just pay nearly $100 for a form plugin that has no built in form styles and no way to change the way it looks without manually changing code.

    This is a basic feature that even free form plugins offer. It's nearly inconceivable to me that a paid form plugin has no style editor or user selective styles. Is that plain text box form all we get?

    Am I missing something that's right in front of me?

    Posted 8 years ago on Saturday July 7, 2012 | Permalink
  2. David Peralty

    You aren't missing anything. Gravity Forms is set to work within the confines of nearly any theme that you choose. So if your theme has form styles, it will inherit those or you can override them with our default CSS styles.

    There currently is no style designer because our focus has been on development features like conditional logic, e-mail routing, add-ons, pricing fields, etc... I think if you looked at the myriad of features that Gravity Forms does include, the lack of a build in style editor wouldn't seem like a great loss.

    You say "Is that plain text box form all we get?" but you fail to mention that there are over 30 different fields, with dozens of options on each field to control size, CSS class, conditional logic, requirements, input mask and more.

    I hope you will give things a chance, really try out the features we have to offer before tossing us aside due to the lack of a built in CSS design editor.

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  3. This is really disappointing. GF is selling this as a user friendly form system and it lacks basic design functionality? I don't want a plain form. Now I'm back to manually coding form design. Most people are not even capable of doing their own CSS, which gives them a plain form system that they paid for.

    GF sells this and it's promo video shows elegant form styles and suggests simple setup. Admittedly it does not say there's a style editor, but at this cost and with the way GF is touted as being easy and elegant I certainly feel misled.

    I realize there are lots of back end features and those look pretty impressive. But design is such a critical competent to getting good conversions. That it was neglected in GF is a huge lack and frankly I find it inexcusable. This is not a free plugin. It's an expensive paid system that should work out of the box.

    I'll dig a little deeper and as I do understand CSS, perhaps I'll do some customization. But it's not likely I'll be recommending this to anyone until it has a proper design editor. It's so tacky that basic design was left out of this. It's a bit like selling a car with amazing features, except it comes with no starter.

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  4. The forms created in Gravity Forms are designed to inherit the style of your theme A style editor was not neglected: it is intentionally not included because the styles should come from your theme and Gravity Forms should blend in, rather than stand out.

    "I was hoping for more form functionality and ease of use."

    What other form functionality are you looking for? And where do you find the ease of use lacking? We're always open to suggestions on how to improve Gravity Forms.

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  5. Near as I can tell the forms are not inheriting any style They're just generic form boxes with essentially no style. I guess simple is good. But I feel like what you're really saying is GF didn't want to develop a proper style editor, so you gave us no options other than manually making a design and use inhered styles as an excuse.

    What I was hoping for /expecting was a visual style editor. I figured that would be standard is something this expensive. Perhaps it is picking up colors and the like from my theme. But the ability to style is essential. We need options for things like how fields are spaced, where the text is, whether the form corners are rounded.

    It's like you've done all this great work on the backend and totally ignored the style, which is equally important. I'm left back to manually designing my CSS. Thankfully I know how. Most people don't and are stuck with whatever GF gives them because there are NO options for designing your form our way.

    I'm really hard trying not to go off here, but that I even have to explain this is crazy. Often the most basic of free plugins have options for styling, colors etc. Other free form plugins at least loaded with themes. Yet GF, which boasts itself as being the form maker to beat all form makers does not? I took GF marketing and price seriously and I expected to not only make powerful forms but ones that looked amazing.

    I'll dig in a little deeper and try to design something manually because the back end of GF looks great, but I certainly feel frustrated at having paid more for a plugin than I EVER have before and finding it lacking such a basic feature. It's like I got half a plugin. I can't even imagine how you could make excuses for no design functionality.

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  6. We do plan to offer more visual design options in the future.. either with more built in "theme" type styles or possibly some type of limited visual editor. For now, Gravity Forms is completely flexible and everything is accessible for styling if you want to take the time to do the customization work.

    Also, there really is no reason to be surprised by the lack of a visual editor. We do offer a working demo that you can test before the purchase and if we had a visual editor you can be sure that we would promote that as a feature.

    So far, a very small percentage of people have complained about not having a visual editor, most are fine with doing a little CSS customization or even asking us for help when they need to do so. The forms are purposely designed to inherit styles from your theme. If your theme is simple, then naturally the forms are going to be simple.

    We've focused our attention on other more requested features, field types, third party integrations, etc. for a while but as I mentioned, we do have plans to extend the styling capabilities as we move forward.

    So, if you have a support request, a question or a feature request, then please feel free to post it here. We will be happy to help. But, if you need to just vent or "go off" this isn't the venue.

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  7. Please don't act as if I'm out of control on here because I'm disappointed with this lack. It is a legitimate lack and a serious one. And there is no better venue to voice concerns than a public one. You can't truly have an easy to use top of the game form system that has no styles or editor. Inherited styles are a start, but lack because they don't give control.

    For example the fields in my case are way far apart, there is no control of cell width etc. Most people do not have the needed skills to change this in CSS. You tout these things as being simple customizations. For most they are not simple at all.

    You are offering a tool that costs a lot of money and in the plugin world we're used to things like visual editors, styles and themes even on free tools, much less paid ones. Design should never be put on the back burner. It's key to getting great conversions and responses.

    What would really knock this out of the park is a drag and drop styles editor where we would control every facet. With the strong feature set already inside GF, that would truly make GF worth the price tag.

    In any case I appreciate the responses and hope this issue is corrected in the future. I appreciate you not trying to censor feedback. That always fails because the next response to that is twitter feeds, Facebook pages and even more public places. The fact that you have a venue for this dialogue is commendable.


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  8. Gav, thanks for the feedback. We do appreciate good feedback and take it to heart.

    Now, nobody said you were out of control. If I thought that, I would have removed your post and blocked your account. I personally don't care if you go on Facebook, Twitter or whatever and rant. Knock yourself out. We have plenty of happy clients and I haven't seen any real impact on our sales from the few complainers out on the social networks.

    So, everyone has addressed your questions and complaints. There's nothing more to be said at this point so I'm closing this thread.

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