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Woocommerce Double/duplicate Entries

  1. nhankla

    We have gravity forms working with woocommerce.
    When we submit the product to the check out we get a double entry.

    Also shouldn't the entries only be valid after the purchase has been confirmed?

    Is there a way around the double entries?

    PHP Version 5.2.17
    MySQL Version 5.1.65
    WordPress Version 3.4.2
    Gravity Forms Version 1.6.9
    Woocommmerce version:
    woocommerce gravity connection: 1.3.6

    Posted 6 years ago on Friday November 2, 2012 | Permalink
  2. You should not be getting double entries. Are you saying there are two entries in Gravity Forms, or that there is an entry in Gravity Forms and in Woocommerce?

    Do you have any caching plugins active? Caching will create duplicate entries sometimes.

    The Gravity Forms entry will be created before payment is complete in some cases. Which payment processor are you using?

    Posted 6 years ago on Tuesday November 13, 2012 | Permalink
  3. nhankla

    Hello Chris,

    When we make an entry it comes up twice in the Forms > Entries area

    It is fine in WooCommerce.

    Things I have tried:
    Uninstalled Forms and the forms plugin using the Settings > Uninstall and Plugins > Uninstall
    Reinstalled Forms then Woocommerce plugin.

    Here is the link to a sample form

    We will be using Paypal to checkout

    No Caching plugins active
    Only Plugins:
    Gravity Forms
    Regenerate Thumbs
    WooCommere Gravity Forms Product Add-ons

    Using Child theme of the Boilerplate Theme

    Posted 6 years ago on Tuesday November 13, 2012 | Permalink
  4. Northfork

    Did you all find a solution for the double entries, when using the woocommerce plugin? I'm getting the same thing. When a product is added to the cart a admin notification is sent out to the forms entries section, then again on purchase. So every time someone purchase something I get two notifications in the backend of wordpress.

    Let me know, thanks.

    Posted 6 years ago on Friday November 30, 2012 | Permalink
  5. Have you checked with Woocommerce about this? This will not happen with Gravity Forms alone, so there may be something Woo needs to do to avoid duplicate notifications.

    Posted 6 years ago on Saturday December 1, 2012 | Permalink
  6. Northfork

    I did and basically what they said was that the creator of the plugin didn't know how to stop it. Was hoping you all knew or someone else had solved the problem because it is a real pain. Any additional thoughts?


    Posted 6 years ago on Saturday December 1, 2012 | Permalink
  7. The creator of the plugin, their plugin, did not know how to stop it?

    I have not seen a resolution for it posted anywhere recently.

    Posted 6 years ago on Sunday December 2, 2012 | Permalink
  8. frez

    im having the same problem

    Posted 6 years ago on Wednesday December 5, 2012 | Permalink
  9. I found this post in the Woo Forums:

    I have traced it down to process_form being called twice when an item is added to the cart. It is called once by add_to_cart_validation and then by add_cart_item_data in gravityforms-product-addons.php I commented out the process_form in add_cart_item_data.


    Posted 6 years ago on Sunday April 21, 2013 | Permalink
  10. Hi. When you say you commented out the process_form in add_cart_data, can you explain exactly what you did?


    Posted 6 years ago on Wednesday May 1, 2013 | Permalink
  11. sue104

    Hi, commenting out the process_form worked for me. Thanks!

    Posted 6 years ago on Friday May 10, 2013 | Permalink
  12. Same here.
    Commented out line 447 in gravityforms-product-addons.php
    duplicate entries issue resolved.

    Posted 6 years ago on Monday June 3, 2013 | Permalink