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Wordpress Firewall 2 Intercepting Comments section of a form

  1. I am using "Wordpress Firewall 2" plugin on a website and it recently intercepted an entry which is good, but it leaves me wondering how it only captured the comment section. My Gravity Form is set to *require a First and Last Name, Email Address and Comments. It seems as though this particular entry was sent only using the comments section. Example of email forwarded to me from Wordpress Firewall 2:

    Offending Parameter: input_1 = just sent in an application for Youth Build just at the end it appeared tp go off / but it may have gone thru. Did my application come through ok? Doug Tudehope applying: teacher / Youth Build

    The entry doesn't show up in Gravity Forms Entries for this form. Has anyone seen this before? I have only had the firewall plugin intercept an Entry on two other occasions out of hundreds, but I was able to see the name and address on those other two.

    How is this possible? Or Should I try contacting the "Wordpress Firewall 2" author instead? I'm contacting Gravity Forms because you guys update your plug-in much more frequently. Thanks for any insight you can give.

    Posted 8 years ago on Tuesday May 21, 2013 | Permalink