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Your favorite topic: notifications and GoDaddy

  1. StudioChazerai

    OK, so I've spent about two hours researching this:

    I've read pretty much every support thread I can find, including this...
    ...and this...
    ...and even this...

    ...I've tried everything suggested in these threads (and then some) and I'm still stuck.

    Here's what I do know:

    I'm using the latest version of GravityForms (just purchased this past weekend).

    Hosting WordPress through GoDaddy (I know, I know).

    BUT... have been using GoDaddy email services for years with no issue.

    Cannot get GravityForms to fire off mails from forms at

    Two forms : one under Contact Us, and the other connected to the top post on the main page.

    Was able to get notifications to fire off natively in WordPress through GoDaddy using
    other (free) form tools like Grunion. I'd rather use Gravity for the functionality and ease of use though.

    Have tried all manner of email combinations to see if the email will send, including using my gmail accounts as test mails and changing the default admin mail to my gmail account.

    Using the ConfigureSMTP plug-in, I'm able to set any sort of configuration I please, and get a test email to fire off no problem -- including defaulting to Gmail-mode, and using and SMTPAuth on or off, account info provided or not, doesn't matter. Test emails fire off reliably regardless of what email account combinations I use -- godaddy to gmail, gmail to godaddy, godaddy to godaddy.

    And after all this, I still cannot get GravityForms to fire off a notification mail. Not a single mail, or a routed conditional mail. Not to/through Gmail, not to/through any of the dozen GoDaddy accounts I have.

    There has to be something I'm missing...

    Carl, I'm happy to provide you with wp-admin access to help troubleshoot. Just let me know how to provide that to you securely.

    Thanks much (in advance).

    Posted 11 years ago on Tuesday March 22, 2011 | Permalink
  2. @StudioChazerai GoDaddy is definitely a thorn in our side. We'd be glad to look into this, your additional information regarding the other plugins may help us out in troubleshooting this.

    Gravity Forms allows you to use a dynamic From address, i'm thinking that could be why the emails aren't being sent. Have you tried configuring your notifications using a From address that is associated with your GoDaddy domain name... is the From address the same as what is used in Grunion?

    Gravity Forms lets you configure notifications so the From address using the users From address who is submitting the form. It's possible GoDaddy isn't allowing this to be sent that way.

    So it may be the From not the To that is the issue.

    Try configuring your Notifications so the From address being used is the same From address you used in testing with Grunion.

    What might be helpful in this situation is to be able to see the error logs for where the email is sent in GoDaddy, but i'm not 100% entirely sure how this is done using GoDaddy... that would tell us why the email wasn't sent.

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  3. I just wanted to thank everyone involved discussing this issue, you've helped me recognise the cause to the same problem which I am also experiencing.



    Posted 11 years ago on Wednesday March 23, 2011 | Permalink
  4. @David: What was your solution? I'm experiencing the same issue. The problem seems to be sporadic and is only happening about 50% of the time. Any suggestions?

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  5. Hosting with Godaddy provided me with a free email account which I set it up and was using for 5 or so WP installs (bad idea). After I encountered the 'no notification' issue, I purchased the Deluxe email product from GD and set up WordPress with a fresh email address. Followed by, configuring all Gravity forms with the fresh email address in the 'From' field.

    Building the forms in Spanish also stopped the forms from sending because I had 'Accent Characters' in the Gravity form title found in the setting field. Once the foreign characters were removed the issue was resolved and I started receiving notifications again.


    I also updated to the latest beta, 1.5 RC4.2 I was previously on 1.5 RC4.


    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday March 24, 2011 | Permalink
  6. Well...unfortunately, I have none of those factors. I use a different email address for each domain........and they are in english with no special characters. Hmmm.....Anyone else have any ideas?

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  7. @Vegas Kev is your email hosted on Go Daddy or a 3rd party service such as Google Apps? Have you tested with and email addresses as well?

    Just FYI, GoDaddy is the single biggest cause of email related issues that our users encounter and they are always server configuration related. I wouldn't recommend anyone use their shared hosting because of unexplainable issues, email queuing, black listed SMTP servers, etc.

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  8. StudioChazerai

    I'm pretty sure I've tried setting the "from" address to a goDaddy-hosted email account, but I'll try that again tonight to be sure and get back to you. I'll also see if it changes anything if my default email account is set to a GoDaddy-hosted email account.

    At the very least this situation may be GoDaddy "wearing on my last good nerve" -- I haven't had email issues until now, but I've had hosting, billing, and privacy-compliance issues. If I can't get this latest issue resolved, I may just pack up my sites and migrate them to another hosting provider.

    I'm open to recommendations for hosting providers. Must have similar technology capabilities as GoDaddy, provide shared hosting options, wordpress support, etc. You guys know how we like it. ;-)

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  9. We recommend and for WordPress hosting.

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  10. @Carl...thanks for the tips....especially the hosting. How reliable do you feel is? Would they be able to support a large wordpress-based directory site with.....say 200,000 posts/records on their shared hosting package. I ask you, because if I ask a salesman there, they will say "of course...we won't let you down" lol

    Posted 11 years ago on Saturday March 26, 2011 | Permalink
  11. That is a lot of posts/records. The guys at KahunaHost are good guys, so I don't think they would say they could handle it if they can't.

    Posted 11 years ago on Sunday March 27, 2011 | Permalink
  12. Hi, StudioChazerai,

    There's nothing wrong with Gravity Forms email notificiations running on GoDaddy, based on my experience. Gravity Forms is the most reliable plug-in I use on WordPress.

    I've got somewhere between 30 and 50 clients using Gravity Forms on GoDaddy servers without issue, so it definitely does work. I had one website take 65,000 applications to work to cleanup the Gulf Oil Spill through Gravity Forms on hosted on a $3.99 a month shared server at GoDaddy, so an enormous volume of visitors and emails in a few weeks time went though without issues. Here's how I setup:

    1) Use any email from address, doesn't have to be a GoDaddy account. I've used Gmail and Google Apps addresses primarily as the From address. I usually have that email registered as an Admin in WordPress users, however. Maybe that's a key.
    2) I do not install ANY email plug-ins, such as any SMTP plug-in. I've never needed one so far. It just works with whatever is natively in the WordPress install and the default GoDaddy server settings.

    I cannot speak for GoDaddy's Windows hosting, which has its issues with WordPress and with email. Almost all my clients are on a $3.99 a month shared Linux hosting account, and as you many know, all new accounts on GoDaddy are getting installed on their Grid Server 4GH (4th Generation Hosting) which is incredibly fast at running WordPress installs, much much faster than the 20+ other hosting companies I have WordPress clients running on. The Grid of course means your web site is running on many servers, not one, with unlimited resources available to your site as needed. See for details on the 4GH Grid.

    Perhaps I'm having no problems with Gravity Forms email because I've migrated all my clients from the legacy GoDaddy servers to the powerful Grid Server, which you can do for FREE by clicking on your Web Hosting Account Settings to change your hosting plan from "Shared Hosting - Economy" TO "Hosting - Web - Economy - Linux". If it says "Web" in the plan name it secretly means it's the Grid Server, not a conventional server. There is no Windows Grid Server at GoDaddy, only Linux, but Linux definitely is first choice for WordPress since my experience is WP runs better on Linux than on Windows hosts. Moving your site to the Grid takes one mouse click and usually within an hour (on a weekday) your site is moved automatically, no down time involved, but your IP address will change if you need to FTP into your site.

    If you try to switch and the GoDaddy popup says to please call tech support because you are on such an old legacy server that you can't automatically migrate to the Grid, no need to call -- they will simply tell you to do this: first go into your hosting account and activate SSH (free) because that forces GoDaddy to move your site to a newer legacy server, and then once moved there you do a second move of your site for free to the Grid Server. That process will take about 24 hours to finish up, no downtime for your site, just slower on GoDaddy's end because it isn't automated.

    If you need further instructions or continue to have issues contact me through my website contact form at and I'll provide more advice/help.

    Posted 11 years ago on Sunday March 27, 2011 | Permalink
  13. Just an FYI....I have zero issues with Gravity Forms....I'm just looking to get a host that is a little more reliable...especially since I don't always get my notifications that are sent to the godaddy hosted email address.....but more's godaddy, so i should change

    @Carl......can you email me a number to reach Kahuna Host? I can't seem to get them to call me and I need to talk to them about some specifics before deciding on making a switch. I'm a little concerned that they won't call me, however, if you say they are good, I trust you and would really like to speak to them. Any help would be appreciated.

    @AtlantaWebDesign: I'm stoked that you haven't had problems with are very fortunate...I on the other hand start to have issues once a site has over 150 visitors. I have the unlimited hosting account on a shared server and it is constantly down. We have moved my databases over to new servers and I still have issues. I have trouble shot my db's and they are 100% in tip top shape....GoDaddy has told me numerous times that one of my sites is too has 300 pages and 150-200 visitors per day with only 600-700 pageviews per's nothing fancy, so it begs me to believe that GoDaddy's "Unlimited" is heavily limited....but again...I'm very happy for you that your account seems to be running smoothly.

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  14. I don't have a number to KahunaHost. Another host you can try is

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  15. StudioChazerai

    @AtlantaWebDes - thanks for the perspective, I'll try that.

    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday April 14, 2011 | Permalink
  16. Carl,

    Has anyone figured out the issue with GoDaddy ??

    I've got FS Contact Form to work with the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Info here:

    I was hoping the Mail SMTP plugin would assist the Gravity form notifications to work.

    I'm using a godaddy email tied to the hosting account, so there should be no issue.

    One would assume, if I can get FS Contact Form to work, there must be a way to get this fantastic plugin to do the same.

    Any ideas ?


    Posted 10 years ago on Sunday October 30, 2011 | Permalink
  17. Thanks for your response Carl.

    Any thoughts of combining this great plug-in with a full fledged cart app or doing it yourself ??

    Posted 10 years ago on Wednesday November 2, 2011 | Permalink