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Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types

  1. bradvin

    I have released ver 2 of my Gravity Forms + Custom Post Type addon plugin. You can see more info here :

    Basically, you can easily map your forms that create posts to a custom post type. Also map dropdown selects, radio buttons list and checkboxes to a custom taxonomy.

    I have upgraded it to work with both 1.4.5 and 1.5 beta using the new hooks which are awesome btw! Thanks must go to Carl and Alex from Rocketgenius who gave some excellent tips and feedback

    Posted 12 years ago on Wednesday March 9, 2011 | Permalink
  2. jameshutson

    @Bradvin, Hi. Trying to populate tags post field following your advice on the plugin page:

    With v1.5 of Gravity Forms, again things are a lot easier. Under the advanced tab for your field, tick the "Populate with a Taxonomy" checkbox. A dropdown will appear and you can select your custom taxonomy from the list.

    Just not seeing that checkbox.
    A bug? Or my issue?

    (Using v2 of your plugin, Gravity Forms v1.5 RC4.2 & Wordpress 3.1)
    And thanks for taking the time to build this.

    Posted 12 years ago on Tuesday March 15, 2011 | Permalink
  3. bradvin

    @jameshutson, the "populate with a taxonomy" checkbox will only appear for the standard fields : dropdown, multiple choice, checkboxes. It was not designed to be used with the tags post field. (although this should be thought about in a future version)

    Try adding a standard dropdown and see if "populate with a taxonomy" checkbox appears under the admin tab. I hope that solves your issue

    Posted 12 years ago on Tuesday March 15, 2011 | Permalink
  4. jameshutson

    Ah. I see. The myopia of my own task. Thanks. Appreciate your clearing that up.

    (and yes if you can get it happening for future versions that would be great).

    Posted 12 years ago on Tuesday March 15, 2011 | Permalink
  5. deukdesign

    the taxonomy dropdown shows up, but it does not show all of my custom taxonomy
    I created my custom post and custom taxonomies with more-types and more-taxonomies
    any suggestions to why

    tag support would be great as well!

    Posted 12 years ago on Saturday March 19, 2011 | Permalink
  6. This should sooo be in gravityforms core... no reason not to be. Thx for the plugin.

    Posted 11 years ago on Sunday August 21, 2011 | Permalink