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Saving a value in a gform_advanced_settings input

  1. Jive Software

    I am having a difficult time finding the documentation that explains how to hook into javascript events that prepolutate custom fields added in the gform_advanced_settings hook.

    add_action("gform_advanced_settings", "marketo_advanced_settings", 10, 2);
    function marketo_advanced_settings($position, $form_id){
    	if($position == 100) {
    				<label for="field_marketo_label">
    						<?php _e("Marketo Url", "gravityforms"); ?>
            <input type="text" id="marketo_url" class="fieldwidth-3" size="35"/>
    add_action("gform_editor_js", "editor_script");
    function editor_script(){
        <script type='text/javascript'>
    jQuery(document).bind("gform_load_field_settings", function(event, field, form) {
    					if (typeof field["marketo_url"] !== "undefined") {
    						jQuery("#marketo_url").attr("value", field["marketo_url"]);
    					} else {
    						jQuery("#marketo_url").attr("value", '');
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  2. gform_advanced_settings are used to create custom Form settings (displayed when clicking the form title). It looks like what you want is a field setting. If that is the case, take a look at gform_field_advanced_settings (
    There is an example on that page that completely implements a field setting. I would start from that example when implementing your custom field.

    Posted 6 years ago on Wednesday September 12, 2012 | Permalink
  3. Jive Software

    Hi Alex
    Thank you for the reply. That is what I want to do "create custom Form settings (displayed when clicking the form title)". But I am having a hard time prepopulating the input text box with the data that was saved in previous posts. And I am having a hard time finding the documentation for this?

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  4. Jive Software

    Looking through the gravity js file... It seems like there is global javascript variable called "form" that prints out these properites

    button: Object
    confirmation: Object
    cssClass: ""
    description: ""
    descriptionPlacement: "below"
    enableAnimation: false
    enableHoneypot: true
    fields: Array[10]
    firstPageCssClass: null
    id: 1
    labelPlacement: "top_label"
    lastPageButton: null
    limitEntries: false
    limitEntriesCount: ""
    limitEntriesMessage: ""
    limitEntriesPeriod: ""
    maxEntriesMessage: ""
    notification: Object
    message: "{all_fields}"
    subject: "New submission from {form_title}"
    to: "{admin_email}"
    __proto__: Object
    pagination: null
    postContentTemplate: ""
    postContentTemplateEnabled: false
    postTitleTemplate: ""
    postTitleTemplateEnabled: false
    requireLogin: false
    requireLoginMessage: ""
    scheduleEnd: ""
    scheduleEndAmpm: ""
    scheduleEndHour: ""
    scheduleEndMinute: ""
    scheduleForm: false
    scheduleMessage: ""
    scheduleStart: ""
    scheduleStartAmpm: ""
    scheduleStartHour: ""
    scheduleStartMinute: ""
    title: "Contact"
    useCurrentUserAsAuthor: true
    __proto__: Object

    I am disapointed to see that after I click save the value of custom input text box is not stored in this object... It looks like I need to find the hook into this and create my own property when the user clicks save...

    I also still can not find the javascript event to hook into for the form panel... It looks like "gform_load_field_settings" is not used for the form panel...

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  5. Jive Software

    It look like this hook is better "gform_properties_settings" then "gform_advanced_settings" becuase it saves in the first tab... verse the advanced tab...

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  6. Jive Software

    I tried using UpdateFormProperty to save the form data but it looks like this just writes to a DOM object...

    function UpdateFormProperty(name, value){
        jQuery("#gform_" + name).html(value);

    Maybe I need to write a custom javascript function that adds a property to the over all form object?

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  7. Jive Software

    How can one access the properties and methods of the form object any a hook?

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  8. To save your custom setting, you need to save it to the global Javascript form object as the user types into your input (onkeyup) or makes a selection from a drop down (onchange). See example below.

    Gravity Forms will take it from there and make sure it is saved to your database. From the hooks that accept the $form object (most of them do, but some don't), you will then be able to access your setting by using:

    I hope this helps.

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  9. Jive Software

    Hi Alex... Your example is for form fields but not the over all form...
    I am looking to add a property to the overall from panel not the form field panel.

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  10. Jive Software

    That did help...

    I looks like I may be able to do this...

    1) add my own custom js function....

    function SetFormProperty(name, value){
        if(value == undefined) {
            value = "";
        form[name] = value;

    2) add something like this to prepopulate the value

    jQuery(document).bind("gform_load_form_settings", function(event, field, form) {
    					if (typeof form.marketo_url !== "undefined") {
    						jQuery("#field_marketo_url").attr("value", form.marketo_url]);
    					} else {
    						jQuery("#field_marketo_url").attr("value", '');
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  11. pauldewouters

    Hi stvcg00

    did you manage to find a working solution? I'm struggling with this too...
    I want to save a text input, but the onkeyup gives me an error:
    cannot set property of null.

    I looked through a free addon from the repository, but it does things in a completely different way.

    Posted 6 years ago on Wednesday October 17, 2012 | Permalink